WERNER VOICE: Companion Animals

Rochester General Hospital Edition

April 2018

Companion Animals

We interrupt your regularly scheduled newsletter to bring you – cute animals! Nearly 70% of Americans are pet owners and there’s a wealth of literature on the benefits of non-human companionship. Below is a study of pet ownerships’ effect on patient-provider relations, as well as prime pet examples straight from Werner Medical Library!

Asking About Pets Enhances Patient Communication and Care: A Pilot Study. Hodgson K, Darling M, Freeman D, Monavvari A.

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Baxter – Old Man Alpha Cat, Tootie – Roly Poly Teddy Bear, Sylvia – Tiny Atomic Monster

Jasper – King of Comfort

Max – Sweetest Cat in the Land

Jellybean – Squeaky Beeper

Lillian – (Screen) Door Buster

Franky – Squirrel Exterminator

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