WELCOME: Michael Logsdon, DO, Family Medicine

Please join RRH in welcoming Michael Logsdon, DO, to our health system and help us spread the word if you know a friend or family member in need of his specialized care. He is accepting new patients!

Dr. Logsdon is now part of the team at Unity Family Medicine at Parkway located on Island Cottage Road. He is privileged for Osteopathic Manipulation and will provide those hand-on techniques to his patients.

Dr. Logsdon is no stranger to RRH. He has previous experience with our health system, both in paid positions and as a volunteer while a student. Dr. Logsdon has also been an active volunteer with the Big Brothers
program in Buffalo, NY.

Unity Family Medicine at Parkway
500 Island Cottage Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612
CALL (585) 368-6000 to make an appointment.

Medical School
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Erie, PA

Niagara Falls Memorial Family
Medicine Residency
Niagara Falls, NY

American Osteopathic Association
American Academy of Family Physicians