UPDATE: Emmi—CareConnect Ordering Now Available

Rochester Regional Health is continuing its implementation of Emmi, an online patient education tool.


Physicians and APPs may now order Emmi videos for their patients at the point-of-care right in CareConnect. Additionally, nurses may pend an Emmi order following the standard CareConnect process. Knowledge Builders providing step-by-step instructions can be found on the CareConnect tab on the Rochester Regional Portal at http://rghsportal/sites/Care%20Connect.


Emmi programs help patients and their families by simplifying complex medical information, managing expectations and increasing knowledge about their condition, procedure or home care. With over 300 online videos to choose from you’re bound to find programs that will engage your patients. And don’t forget to let your patient know you are ordering a program, so they know it’s coming.


Upcoming: A specialized transition-to-home program combining videos and phone call outreach for patients discharged from a total hip or knee replacement surgery.


To find additional reference material about Emmi, please visit the Rochester Regional Portal at http://rghsportal/sites/emmi. If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about Emmi, please contact Jeff Duell, Rochester Regional Emmi Program Manager at 585-922-3124.