THUMBS UP: Midlakes Student Makes Repeat Donation to Lipson Cancer Institute

Coby Reals, a Midlakes High School sophomore, has done it again. This time he donated $500 in TOPS gift cards to Radiation and Oncology patients at the Lipson Cancer Institute in Clifton Springs. This is Coby’s second donation. Last year, he gave $525 worth of TOPS gift cards to Hematology Oncology patients at Lipson. Coby raised the donation by organizing a month-long Halloween event called Night Terrors—a fun, spooky haunted house for kids. Keep up the great work Coby!

You’re a life saver! Without you, our hospitals/facilities wouldn’t be what they are or where they are today. For that, we say thank you for all you do for all of our patients each and every day.