ATTENTION: Temporary Content Freeze on

Effective Beginning: Friday, June 1, 2018

As RRH continues to expand and refine our web presence – to make it a better experience for all users – we are preparing to launch a new website at

While work to develop the new site is underway, one of the final steps is to migrate all of the content from the current website to the new website. As you can imagine, maintaining content on multiple platforms while we transition can cause many issues and inaccuracies on our web properties.

For this reason, the RRH web development team needs to put a temporary freeze on adding new content or updating existing content on the main website.

What this means for you:

From June 1, 2018 – August 15th, 2018, employees will not be able to submit requests for content to be updated, changed, or added to the website.

Please submit changes prior to this date so they can be updated and implemented before the content freeze.

Changes or edits submitted via our web request form after August 16, 2018 will be reviewed and updated, however the changes requested may not be visible on until the new website goes live in early September.


NOTE: Changes to other digital properties such as,,, etc. will NOT be affected by this content freeze.