SHARE: Intelliweb at Rochester Regional Health

Improving vital communications to better help patients


In an effort to better support patients, physicians, nurses and others, staff is encouraged to utilize IntelliWeb, an online tool, directly provides contact information and reference to on call schedules.  

Did you know all Rochester Regional Health employees have access to IntelliWeb, a product of IntelliDesk, which operators rely on daily? IntelliWeb is quick and eliminates a phone call to the operator for inquiries involving departments such as Payroll, Employee Health and Environmental Services. This in turn reduces internal traffic to the Switchboard and cuts down on hold times and call volumes, allowing operators to focus on calls more critical in nature.

Intelliweb Highlights

  • Find available phone numbers, pagers and contact information for Rochester General, Unity and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital employees on your own with ease
  • Contact critical caregivers directly
  • Managers can create and update on-call schedules/calendars

Accessing IntelliWeb

  • IntelliWeb is located on the Rochester Regional Health Sharepoint Portal
  • Click on Applications and find the IntelliWeb icon in the second column
  • Direct link: http://intellidesk/amcom/amcomweb/

How to use IntelliWeb

  • Type in the provider/PA/NP you need to contact and click search
  • Select the correct name and find the appropriate phone number
  • Pagers are listed on the right hand side under Device

**If a pager is not assigned it will read “No Device Available”. Click on Alpha or Numeric pager. The paging box will pop up. Enter page information and click send.

IntelliWeb Scheduling and Calendars (For Managers Only)

IntelliWeb should be used to manage on-call schedules/calendars instead of faxing them to the operator. The online application allows department and practice managers along with delegated administrators to create track and update all physician schedules.

**Updating on-call schedules via IntelliWeb requires administrator access.

  • If you have not entered your own schedules in the past, please email Allison Mancini: or dial 922-4000. Allison will establish the correct security for you and provide the appropriate training.

Reminder:  All codes and stats should go through the designated phone number

  • Rochester General Hospital: 2-4444 internally (922-4444 externally)
  • Unity Hospital – 6666 internally (368-6666 externally)
  • Newark Wayne Community Hospital: 4-2711 internally (315-332-2022 externally)

Note: IntelliWeb currently does not contain information for UMMC and Clifton Springs Hospital.