“Street to Treatment” Program: New Partnership Between Rochester Regional and City of Rochester

Monday, July 31, Rochester Regional Health and the City of Rochester announced a new tool for Rochester police to help people who want immediate treatment for substance abuse. The “Street to Treat” program allows officers to drop take people they encounter who want help with their drug addiction to the Evelyn Brandon Center on Lake Avenue. Here they will have instant access to clinical care and support for their addiction.

“My staff and I at Evelyn Brandon Chemical Dependency are excited to be a part of an exciting community wide initiative,” said Jennie Militello, Evelyn Brandon Chemical Dependency manager. “Our thanks to the Mayor, RPD leadership and all other partnering agencies that gave fresh eyes to the issue of addiction and developed an out-of-the-box plan in determining a potential solution. Rochester Regional Health is proud to be a part of this dynamic effort.”

The program officially began July 10. It is the one of the many actions Rochester Regional Health and its partners are doing to combat the opioid crisis.