ROC the FUTURE INNOVATORS: Rochester General Hospital

ROC the Future celebrates our employees’ best innovative ideas in action. Each ROC the Future project winner yielded important, measurable results for our health system, through innovation, cost savings, better patient outcomes or process quality improvement. This week, RRH is proud to honor the winning team from Rochester General Hospital.

Right to left top row: Kim Wood, Dr. Paul Cabral, Cynthia Hill-Goddard, Dr. Daniel Grace, Dr. Wendy Dwyer, Michelle Trenkler. Bottom row left to right: Ana Ramos, Paula Crevison, Dr. Eugene Toy


Most newborn deliveries are routine, but some mothers have a risk of post-partum hemorrhage that could turn into an emergency situation. By taking proactive, precautionary steps prior to delivery, a team at RGH earned a ROC the Future award for its new patient safety processes to minimize this risk.

A post-partum hemorrhage can make the difference between a new mom heading home with her baby and an extra four days in the hospital. What can a clinical staff do to prevent this from happening? That was the focus of the RGH team that developed a tool to identify if a mother is at risk for a post-partum hemorrhage before she even goes into labor. Armed with this information, care teams can take proactive steps, instead of reacting to an unexpected emergency situation.

The team implemented a validated risk screen tool that evaluated a woman’s risk for hemorrhage at both admission and post-delivery. This information was captured in new fields in CareConnect, providing visibility to a patient’s providers and caregivers, to make them aware of a higher-than-average risk of post-partum hemorrhage.

In addition, the team conducted daily labor huddles with all care teams associated with each patient.

The team was proud to report a 100% reduction of prolonged stays due to post-partum hemorrhages, and were invited to share their project at a New York State obstetrical hemorrhage conference this past March.