ROC the Future celebrates our employees’ best innovative ideas in action. Each ROC the Future project yielded important, measurable results for our health system, through innovation, cost savings, better patient outcomes or process quality improvement. This week, RRH is proud to honor the winning team from Long Term Care (LTC).

Quality Point Improvement Project (Long Term Care) left to right: (top row) Patti Murphy, Cathie Chabrier, Mark Klyczek, James Marotta, Richard Sweet-Keech, Dr. Scott Schabel, (bottom row) Christine Stalker, Cindy Lovetro, Shalana McKinney, Patty Hoke. Not pictured: Tiffany Welch and Amanda Brown


The Long Term Care (LTC) facilities across RRH earned recognition from ROC the Future for their efforts to improve resident care, which resulted in higher national quality ratings.

The CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System is often used by consumers when they choose a facility to provide care for their loved ones. The CMS website allows people to view ratings and compare facilities side-by-side. Being a three-star (“average”) facility is becoming the minimum requirement to compete in today’s reimbursement landscape.

At the beginning of 2016, several of Rochester Regional’s six Long Term Care (LTC) facilities scored below the national average. To bring a sharper focus on resident care, the support structure for quality across the LTC Division was changed to a single Performance Improvement Coordinator for all six LTC facilities. The new role assists the LTC leadership team in looking specifically at data, work plans and standardization.

The team created the LTC Division deficiency-free roadmap, a toolkit of materials and processes to lead each facility on a path to improve overall quality and patient/resident satisfaction. The roadmap focused on conducting mock surveys, and equipped staff members with tools and templates they could use to be better prepared for actual visits by regulatory agencies. Data analysis led to changes at some facilities, with adjustments to roles and responsibilities to improve quality and teamwork.

Two years after the team commenced its work, its efforts have paid off, with nine consecutive quarters of improvements in CMS quality points. Collectively, RRH LTC facilities have earned 13 additional CMS quality stars, achieving an overall average of four stars. In fact, today, RRH is rated the highest quality provider of multi-site LTC operations in the Rochester region.