NURSING JOURNEY: IGH School of Practical Nursing Graduates Tell Their Stories

Congratulations to the Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing class of 2017! We asked a few graduates about their nursing journey. Here are some thoughts from Martha Kpor, Stephanie Lampman, and Kenisha M Worthy.


Why did you choose nursing as a career?

Martha: “As a young girl I have always had the heart of caring for others, helping my family, friends and people around me. My second job as a home health aide, I loved my job and currently still do. I was always fascinated in knowing how I can better care for the elderly’s. I wanted to further my education and have a basic knowledge on how I can better care for people and making a difference in people’s lives. I also wanted to gain more knowledge so I can be able to care for my ill grandfather and my ill grandmother back home in Africa.”

Stephanie: “I chose nursing because of my caring and compassionate personality. I have always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life and help people. Nursing is the one career that can give me the job satisfaction I have always been searching for.”

Kenisha: I personally believe nursing chose me! I didn’t choose it!

What obstacles, if any, have you faced?

Martha: “Going through school I have faced obstacle of being a single mother and being the only person in my immediate family to further my education. A lot of stress and burden been place on me to complete this program and go far with my nursing so that I can be able to care for my family, financially and physically.”

Stephanie: “During the program, I have lived out past Brockport with my in-laws in order to save money for my own home. The distance, at times, has been difficult especially during the winter. I also have not worked the entire program which has been great as far as putting full concentration in my school work, but paying bills was difficult.”

Kenisha: During the program I faced a few obstacles; Being a single parent needing the proper childcare and schooling for my child while having a lack of transportation until the very end of the program. Yet my obstacles helped make me stronger and contribute to who I am today!

What are your future plans?

Martha: “My future plan is to go further to get my BSN in Nursing. I want to gain lots of experience with working with the geriatric population. Someday in the future I would like to visit my home country Liberia and go help as much people medically as I can. With my knowledge gain through IGH and future knowledge through other schools i will be able to achieve this.”

Stephanie: “I am currently applying to FLCC’s fast-track LPN to RN program. I hope to be enrolled in January and finish a year later. My dream job would be to work in labor and delivery as an RN and I will not stop until I get there.”

Kenisha: My future plans include continuing my education and obtaining my BSN, and later achieving my masters in an area I’m still undecided about at the moment.

How well do you believe Rochester Regional prepared you for being a nurse?

Martha: “IGH has helped me in many ways. It gave me more knowledge, helped build my confidence and strength to be a better person and a better role model to my peers and family, mostly my 2-year-old daughter. IGH instructors were really helpful in making sure we gained the knowledge that we needed to succeed in our careers.”

Stephanie: “I believe the people that prepared me the most for becoming a nurse are the instructors at IGH. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today about to graduate nursing school. With that being said, I am glad that IGH is an accredited program through the Rochester Regional System, and they have assisted in us getting our first jobs!”

Kenisha: I believe Rochester Regional prepared me to a level that cannot be achieved by our surrounding nursing schools. The facility helped mold me into a phenomenal nurse with the knowledge that I need to grow in the nursing field.

What is your favorite memory of your time in nursing school?

Martha:  “My most favorable memory during my time in nursing school is my clinical rotations. Each rotation was different and I’ve gained different memorable experience with each. These memories will carry with me through my whole entire nursing career.”

Stephanie: “My favorite memory would have to be when we all become more comfortable with our instructors and them with us. We became a big family and helped each other through the program. I really enjoyed how small the class size was and believe it contributed not only to our success but also strengthened the trusting relationships that we developed with the staff.”

Kenisha: My favorite memory is honestly the entire journey itself. I’ve met some great people and plan on continuing friendships with a handful. The faculty has also created many memories that I will never forget!

What advice do you have for young people who may want to be a nurse?

Martha: “To future young people that wants to be a nurse,  I’ll say if nursing is really your passion and what you want to do, go for it, don’t let nothing stop you or get in your way of reaching your goal. There may be some roadblocks, obstacles, circumstances but keep focus and stay strong. No one can stop you but yourself. It takes hard work and dedication to reach your goal.”

Stephanie: “My advice would be to make sure nursing is what you truly want to do. The program and the work is not easy but is worth it in the end. Make sure to try and be as financially stable as possible during the program because it is very difficult to work and fully concentrate on homework, studying, etc. Nursing is the most rewarding career and as long as you put your heart into it and take it seriously you can and will succeed!”

Kenisha: “My advice for young people who want to be a nurse is to obtain there LPN as they’ll gain experience and knowledge that will benefit them as they grow in the nursing field. I say this because many nurses that I’ve come across as the most knowledge based have either been a tech, LPN or in the health field prior so they understand how important teamwork is. Yet I’m not saying if you don’t you will not excel and be a wonderful nurse. I just personally believe the experience I’ve gained in this process is beyond beneficial and would be even more beneficial for a young person aspiring to be a nurse.”