INTRODUCING: Centralized Credentialing Office (CCO)

Rochester Regional Health’s new Centralized Credentialing Office (CCO) is up and running and it’s the direct result of provider feedback. What is the CCO? It provides practice providers with a streamlined and standardized process for applying and maintaining practice privileges at our five hospitals:


  • Rochester General Hospital
  • Unity Hospital
  • Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
  • United Memorial Medical Center
  • Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic


The CCO was developed in direct response to provider feedback requesting a more efficient credentialing process. Some of the key benefits include:

  • A streamlined and uniform credentialing/re-credentialing experience for providers.
  • Providers receive one credentialing/re-credentialing application from the CCO that applies to all Rochester Regional acute care hospitals.
  • Providers’ expiring items are followed up proactively in a coordinated manner from a single source.

As part of the re-credentialing process, the CCO will email separate privilege forms for each hospital in which the practitioner simply prints, completes, and returns to the CCO. The CCO compiles the application package and presents it to each respective hospital Medical Staff office (MSO) for review and decision-making. The MSO of each hospital will contact the practicing provider directly with notice of the re-credentialing decision.

The CCO also maintains all current provider data in a single, integrated database, including copies of updated NYS licenses, DEA, infection control certificates, annual health assessments, PPDs, life support certification cards (BLS, ACLS, etc.), and board certification letters.  When expiring items need updating, the CCO will email providers directly to help ensure their data is up-to-date and their hospital privileges are maintained without unnecessary interruptions.

We are excited to make the credentialing process more convenient and effective for our Rochester Regional acute care hospitals and providers.  To learn more, please contact our office at or by phone at 585-922-3137.