Innovative Ideas Network

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One of the greatest advantages of the Rochester Regional Health RIT Alliance is the opportunity to turn problems into innovation. The Innovative Ideas Network is a new employee-driven initiative, created by the Alliance, that reaches beyond our two organizations to improve patient health, experience, and value.

Our front-line employees are encouraged to submit problems that could potentially be used to create new product ideas, cost-saving initiatives and processes.

Tell us about a problem you have discovered that impact RIT Alliance Innovation Work Teams’ Main Focus Areas:

  • Patient Engagement/Experience
  • Digital Security
  • Sustainability (Cultural or energy related)


Problem examples:

  • A time consuming procedure, which is the result of a mechanical tool or piece of equipment that seems like it can be fixed.
  • The need for a better mechanism for IV fluid tubing connection.


Fill out a submission form below. Be sure to identify and clarify the problem.

If you have questions about this initiative or the RIT Alliance email .