HIMSS 7 UPDATE: Safe Care Starts with YOU

The final HIMSS 7 roadshow is this week September 7 and 8 at Rochester General Hospital. Please take time to participate. Achieving HIMSS 7 designation further demonstrates Rochester Regional Health’s commitment to enhancing the quality of care we deliver and diminishing patient safety risks through successful utilization of CareConnect. It’s the industry’s highest standard for evaluating hospitals on their journey towards attaining a near paperless patient care environment.

    • This week’s HIMSS reminder: Avoid Paper! Make the most of your electronic CareConnect workflows and document directly into the chart. Timeliness of documentation can increase patient safety by ensuring all caregivers have access to the most-up-to-date information at any time. Transcription errors are often evident when paper is used as an interim step to electronic documentation. Employees encountering any barriers are encouraged to reach out to their leader or subject matter expert (SME) for assistance.