EXTRA Beat: Nurses Week

Today’s Update: Nurses Week message from Eric Bieber, MD, president and CEO

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, it is fitting to remember the great pioneer of modern nursing practice, Florence Nightingale. Born on this day in 1820, “The Lady of the Lamp” as she became known, is credited with the development and adoption of many evidenced-based best practices we employ today, including hand hygiene. After 197 years, hand washing remains a critical step in preventing the spread of infection.

What many overlook about Florence Nightingale’s legacy is that her ability to innovate care at the bedside was driven by her passion for data and statistics. A trained statistician, she meticulously collected and analyzed data to develop and test the effectiveness of new protocols in care delivery.

Today, we continue to collect and analyze data to assist care teams across the system in developing ways to innovate care. And, we continue to count on our nursing workforce to translate that data into compassionate, dignified care to help us all deliver on our mission of enhancing lives and preserving health of those we serve. This outstanding care has resulted in achieving high honors across the nursing industry. In the last year alone, our nurses have achieved five Beacon Awards, Magnet Nursing Recertification at Rochester General Hospital and we are set on course to earn Magnet Nursing Designation in all acute care and long-term care facilities across Rochester Regional Health.

It is often said that nursing is a calling, not a career. We are fortunate at Rochester Regional Health to have more than 3,600 nurses who have answered that call.

Please join me in taking a moment today to thank our nursing coworkers and colleagues for their dedication to their profession and their commitment to our patients and the communities we serve.

Eric J. Bieber, MD
President and CEO