CONGRATULATIONS: DAISY Award Winners at Rochester General

Three nurses at Rochester General Hospital recently received a Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing Care on July 12. 

  •  Mary Kretsch, RN, MICU, was nominated by a fellow nurse for her compassion, care, and also her quick response when she was the ENIT during a night shift and helped with an unstable patient.
  • Catherine Musclow, RN, MICU, was nominated by a patient and his wife for the exceptional care she provided in the MICU.
  • A colleague nominated Corey Snow, RN, 4800, to acknowledge his excellent care of a long-term patient and his family.

Just a few great stories showcasing the amazing work nurses do every day to help patients across our system.

To nominate a nurse at Rochester General for a DAISY Award, click here. Nomination forms are available on the Rochester Regional SharePoint portal under Nursing.