CONGRATULATIONS: Clifton Springs DAISY Award Winner

Crystal Lane, RN, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic (CSHC), was recently named a DAISY Award winner for providing extraordinary nursing care! CSHC is proud to have Crystal on its team. She is dedicated to helping every individual she encounters. Crystal stated it best when she said, “I’m so glad I made Clifton my new home…as here, I found my family again.”

She joined the Clifton Springs family and Rochester Regional Health in July. Within a short time, her knowledge, expertise and commitment to delivering the highest quality patient care have made an incredible impact on our team and the people we serve.

Nominator letter: Crystal’s innate ability to connect with those around her with true presence and authenticity are attributed to the experiences she navigated in the loss of her parents, who passed separately from cancer. From the age of 19, her life was complicated with obstacles that felt insurmountable – and yet she chose to rise above. She carries a deep sense of gratitude and love for all beings and has built a beautiful life professionally and personally. She adores her husband, Fred, step-daughter, Courtney, step-parents, Duane and Yvonne and OF COURSE, her 4 dogs. She reports, “I am just plain happy in life. I’m so glad I made Clifton my new home as here, I found my family again.” (And we would be remiss without mentioning – Crystal is OBSESSED with Zumba. Her joy is certainly evidenced by the way she continues to show up and dance through life.)