CHECK IT OUT: Nursing Institute Orientation at Learning Center

The Nursing Institute successfully held its first nurse orientation at the Learning Center. 69 newly hired RNs and patient care technicians participated in the orientation, which was previously held at the Riedman Campus, and has been expanded to two weeks. The Learning Center, located on Portland Avenue, offers a robust foundation for inpatient clinical employees that incorporates a variety of learning styles and strategies beyond the typical lecture-based orientation format.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on professional development opportunities for nurses coming soon to the Learning Center!

More about the Nursing Institute

The mission of the Nursing Institute is to provide comprehensive, evidenced-based professional development opportunities, through collaborative and collective decision making to promote a culture of quality and patient safety. The Institute is a truly collaborative department with representation from across the health system, coming together to teach and mentor nurses throughout their careers here at Rochester Regional.  This collaborative partnership allows us to assist nurses in taking their careers to the next level by providing specialty certification classes.

Location: Learning Center, 1630 Portland Ave., Rochester, NY