Employee Benefits

At Rochester Regional Health we’re committed to providing access to benefits that can make a real difference for you and your loved ones. The right combination of benefits can help protect you and your family.


We are pleased to announce that beginning in July, 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) plans will be transitioned to Fidelity Investments®. The many benefits include world-class customer service accessible online, on campus, and at Fidelity Investor Centers – as well as a consistent range of investment options offered at a lower cost to plan participants. Please review the Transition Guides below for details, and take advantage of the additional resources available on this page.

Employees are encouraged to review additional information on Fidelity’s microsite, which is specifically designed for this transition. Visit
Login to make your investment elections and add beneficiaries to your account here:

401(k) and 403(b) Plans Transition Guide
457(b) Plan Transition Guide

An updated Walk-in Session schedule will be released soon. 

Employees are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a Fidelity representative for one-on-one assistance. To schedule a meeting, go to


  1. Select “Attending a special event” radio button under the “Start here – what interests you?” Section.
  2. Fill in contact information under the “To see what’s available near you…”
  • Select Work Location = New York
  • Select Employer = Rochester Regional Health
  • Select your Preferred Event Location

Click here to view the one-on-one meeting schedule.

Benefits Resources


403(b) 401(k) 457(b) Resources
Retirement Investments

Fidelity Contact Information:

View webcasts to take advantage of practical advice and financial guidance that will benefit you today, tomorrow and beyond.

 401(k) Enrollment Guide
 403(b) Enrollment Guide
 401(k) 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan Summary
 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan Fact Sheet
 Beneficiary/Investment Step-by-Step Guide
Keep your Retirement On Track
  Managing Your Workplace Savings Plan Account Online

Schedule an Appointment:
  Schedule a private appointment

  1. Select “Attending a special event” radio button under the “Start here – what interests you?” Section.
  2. Fill in contact information under the “To see what’s available near you…”

Consultations and Workshops: or call 800-642-7131


Medical Plans

Create an Excellus Account/Mobile App
Find a Rochester Regional Health Lab Location

Medical Plan Types

Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan (CDHP)
2020 CDHP Benefit Summary 
2020 Summary of Coverage – CDHP
2020 Benefit Booklet – CDHP
Preventive Services

Copay Plan
2020 Copay Benefits Summary
2020 Summary of Coverage – CoPay
2020 Benefit Booklet – CoPay

Preventive Services

Additional Medical Plan Links
BlueCard Travel Program
 BCBS Global Core

Submit Medical Claim to Excellus
Medical Claim Form

Authorization to Disclose Health Information
Protected Health Information Form

Medical FAQ


Maintenance Medication Eligible Pharmacies:

The General Apothecary- Rochester General Hospital
(585) 922-3970
Rochester General Hospital Campus- Medical Office Building
1415 Portland Ave, Suite 125

United Memorial Medical Center Pharmacy
(585) 815-6736

United Memorial Medical Center Campus –  Employee Entrance Ground Floor

127 North St

Park Ridge Apothecary
(585) 723-7340
Rochester Regional Health Unity Campus- Professional Office Building
1561 Long Pond Road

Riedman Pharmacy
(585) 974-5000
Riedman Health Center
1455 East Ridge Road

Rochester Regional Health Wilson Pharmacy
(585) 338-4973
Address: 800 Carter Street, Rochester

Genesee Campus Apothecary (St. Mary’s)

(585) 368-3928
Address: Rochester Regional Health St. Mary’s Campus
89 Genesee Street

Wegmans Home Delivery
 Wegmans Home Delivery Order Form

Express Scripts Pharmacy
(855) 315-5220

 Enroll in Home Delivery
 Express Scripts Home Delivery Form

Prescription List
2020 Maintenance Medication List
2020 Preventive Drug List

3-Tier Formulary Guide

Receive Prescription Reimbursements
 Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form


Life Insurance and AD&D


Domestic Partnerships

Add a domestic partner to your benefits
Remove a domestic partner from your benefits

Important Tax Information:

If a domestic partner does not qualify as your tax dependent, the IRS requires you to pay the incremental cost of covering your domestic partner and his/her children in an after-tax basis. Also, the value of your domestic partner’s and his/her children’s benefits, provided by Rochester Regional, will be treated as taxable income (or imputed income) for federal and state tax purposes. Rochester Regional will report these taxes on your W-2 form at the end of each year.



Leave Administration
(Short-Term Disability, Paid Family Leave, Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Long-Term Disability and Other Leaves of Absence)

All employees returning from leave (absence of more than three days) must contact Employee Health Services before returning to work. For additional information regarding this process, please see the “Return to Work” quick guide below.

Return to Work

Employee Health Services Contact Information

Leave Administration Contact Information